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Test-drive the FitPro Complete Workout & Weight Management Software Absolutely Risk Free! WARNING: The 14-day trial subscription is FREE. If you do not provide at least 3-day cancellation notice to, your account will automatically be upgraded to the Studio subscription ($69/monthly).

     Studio                      1-25 users                    $    69 monthly
     Pro 50                   26-50 users                    $    99 monthly
     Pro 100             51-100 users                    $ 149 monthly
     Pro 150          101-150 users                    $ 199 monthly
     Pro 200          151-200 users                    $ 249 monthly
     Pro 250          201-250 users                    $ 299 monthly
     Pro 300          251-300 users                    $ 349 monthly
     Enterprise    301+ users                            $1.10 per user                                                                                                       profile
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Our Technology, Your Logo
Create a personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty
The FitPro Complete™ system lets you create your own business model, by allowing you to “private label” our service, and sell to your own market. 
Create an extension of your personalized image which in turn leads to higher customer loyalty. 
Grow Your Business
FitPro Complete™ is a cost effective way to gain access to producing a world-class nutrition program without requiring a large product design team. You’ll find the FitPro Complete™ technology behind hundreds of logos, from top fitness centers and personal training studios, to wellness centers, major universities and hospitals.
Scale your custom branded training & nutrition business with us.
It gets more affordable the more clients you have.
FitPro Complete™
adds credibility and professionalism to your organization by providing comprehensive, world-class exercise & nutrition systems to your business.
FitPro Complete™ Professional Exercise & Weight Management Software Signup
The following terms apply to your FitPro Complete™ Professional Exercise & Weight Management Software subscription plan. Please read carefully before proceeding.
  • No setup fee required for FitPro Complete Professional Exercise & Weight Management Software
  •  User profiles can be deleted at any time 30 days following date created
  •  Includes all RD meal templates
  •  Credit card must be on file for monthly billing 
  •  Full branding of site (cooperative) including header, domain name, text colors, etc.
  •  First month billed in advance
  •  Cancel anytime with 30-day notice (see below)
IMPORTANT: Subscriptions to FitPro Complete™ Professional Exercise & Weight Management Software are monthly, and are billed to your credit card automatically each month. You can cancel at any time but you MUST PROVIDE A 30-DAY VERBAL OR EMAIL NOTICE and receive a confirmation number from a customer service representative. Example: If your billing cycle date falls within your 30-day notice you will be billed for one additional month before billing terminates. Its best to remember or mark you billing cycle date on your personal calendar and provide us notice on or before that calendar date. Manage your billing amount by deleting profiles each month that are not being used or have no activity. ALL ACTIVE USER PROFILES MUST BE DELETED PRIOR TO CANCELLATION OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO FITPRO COMPLETE.

On your monthly billing date if your profile count exceeds or is less than the current subscription level, your billing will automatically be adjusted up or down. You will have the ability to delete unwanted profiles at any time 30 days following the date the profile was entered, to manage billing fees.
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